Refine31 is much more than a workout; it’s an experience you will crave every day! We believe that working out goes far beyond simply burning calories. Exercise fuels your body and mind so that you can have the strength, endurance and mental sharpness to give your very best to the most precious priorities in your life. At Refine31, we offer this experience to you through cycle and barre classes. We understand the hectic nature of our clients’ daily schedules, so we provide you an hour to escape from your busy lives by energizing your minds and bodies with both cardiovascular and resistance training experiences.

By definition, refine means “to improve by making small changes” or “to remove impurities.” The 31 in our name comes from Proverbs 31, which challenges us to clothe ourselves with strength and dignity. At Refine31, we believe that our bodies are temples created by God; it is our privilege and responsibility to honor our temples by keeping them healthy physically, mentally and spiritually. We invite you to join us in our mission to create an exciting and inviting place to rebuild your body, renew your mind and restore your soul.

Our classes welcome beginners all the way to advanced clients. Our instructors are trained to offer modifications as well as advanced options to cater to your body. Our goal is that every person, no matter where you are on your fitness journey, feels welcomed, challenged, and encouraged. 




- We provide all the equipment, including towels, that you need. 

- Wear tennis shoes or SPD adaptable cycle shoes.

- Arrive 10 minutes early to have ample time to fill out a new client form and to allow your instructor to get you set up on your bike. 


- We provide all the equipment that you need.

- Socks of some sort are required so bring a pair or grab a pair of our Refine31 grip socks in the studio. 

- We recommend wearing leggings rather than shorts, but they are not required. 

- Arrive 10 minutes early to have ample time to fill out a new client form and to get you ready for your first class.