Welcome to Refine31!

It is with much joy that we open our doors, but before we hop on the bike or the barre, we want to share with you the heart and mission of Refine31! If you are like me, sometimes life seems like you are on a hamster wheel, spinning and spinning with no breaks in sight. We so often jump to help everyone around us but neglect the things that are necessary to keep ourselves healthy. Our hope is that as you walk through the doors of Refine31, you will be able to close out the distractions of the world for the time you are with us to refresh your mind and give yourself an hour to recharge your batteries. 

In the fitness world, we all too often put so much pressure and focus on our outward appearance. Now do not get me wrong; exercise is very important for our physical bodies. It provides energy, strength, endurance, and mental sharpness so that you can give your very best to the most precious priorities in your life. However, we believe there is more to the picture than fitting into a size zero. We provide upbeat and challenging workout experiences with our barre and cycling programs that will not only strengthen your body, but also invigorate your mind and heart so that you will leave feeling empowered to conquer whatever comes before you.  

“Refining” yourself is a beautiful thing because every day you are able to make the choice to develop a better version of yourself.

“…We went through fire and flood, but you brought us to a place of great abundance”
— Psalm 66:12

In life we sometimes we go through times that are tough and never seem to get easier, but let’s build each other up in Christ “to a place a great abundance.”