physical health

Physical Health


We know that life is busy. Many days it seems like we aren’t able to catch our breath from work, family and extracurricular responsibilities. However, because of these days with never-ending to-do lists, it is all the more important to take care of ourselves. We fully believe that if we aren’t caring for our bodies, minds and spirits well, then we are unable to care for others well. Making time to escape the worries of the world and exercise our bodies is often exactly what we need. Taking time to plan meals ahead of time so that we aren’t too rushed allows us to give our bodies the needed nutrients. Finally, saving time to rest each day, whatever that may look like, is essential for recharging our batteries.


Oftentimes, we make excuses: we simply don’t have the time to exercise, eat well, or rest. Here at Refine31, we encourage you and provide a place to take care of these essentials. We fully believe that by following this simple plan, you become empowered to conquer whatever is set before you. If we don’t put gas in our cars, then our cars won’t run; if we don’t put fuel in our bodies, then we can’t expect our bodies to “run” well or to “run” at all. But when we live a lifestyle that promotes good health, we begin to see a difference in our days—the days become less daunting, we have more energy, we feel capable of truly being present, and we can actually care for others. So today and for the remainder of this week, we want to encourage you to take care of the body God has given you!