Refine31 Studio Manager - College Station, TX

We are seeking someone who is passionate about mental, physical and spiritual health and has a strong desire to share this passion with others. In addition, we desire an individual who has developed entrepreneurial skills and who willingly goes above and beyond the requirements to give every person a great experience with the studio. Our mission at Refine31 is to provide all clients with a new sense of hope by rebuilding their bodies, renewing their minds, and restoring their souls. By definition, refine means “to improve by making small changes” or “to remove impurities.” The 31 in our name comes from Proverbs 31, which challenges us to clothe ourselves with strength and dignity. At Refine31, we believe that our bodies are temples created by God.

The Studio Manager is responsible for overseeing all of the logistics of the business including but not limited to maintaining the class schedule, organizing the retail store, completing many general administrative tasks, tracking incoming and outgoing inventory, scheduling and overseeing part time team members, and managing clients and budget. The Studio Manager will also ensure that all processes and classes are running smoothly and find solutions to any process issues.

Studio Manager is expected to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Uphold the mission and values of Refine31

  • Interview, hire, and train instructors and other team members

  • Work 40 + managing hours per week

  • Teach a minimum of 6 classes per week

  • Oversee studio management (classes and retail calendar, card/cash system, opening and closing shifts, studio inventory, etc.)

  • Lead monthly team meetings

  • Manage customer service

  • Complete administrative tasks for owner and the team

  • Plan and execute all studio contests and events

  • Create all marketing initiatives within the community

  • Create monthly budget and sales analysis to present to owner

  • Manage wholesale systems (purchase orders, order intake, charges, buyer relations)

  • Oversee all logistics (product release, retail store layout, product organization)

  • Attend instructors’ classes to provide monthly feedback

  • Ensure instructors are meeting all expectations

  • Handle all facility issues (internet, power, heating/cooling, plumbing, maintenance, etc.)

  • Manage weekly to-do list

  • Ensure studio is kept neat and clean

  • Manage all College Station social media platforms (create social media calendar and post daily)

  • Log inventory of all equipment and supplies

  • Meet or exceed monthly goals agreed upon with owner

  • Complete other duties as assigned  

The Studio Manager must live within 25 miles of College Station. 

To apply, please email with your resume and a minimum of 3 references.